“Volte-Face” is a quintessentially personal look at the resiliency and positivity of encountering life's variables. Celia Rogge returns to photographing this series with a dedicated daylight infrared camera which adds to the mystical nature of the images. Light is reflected and absorbed fundamentally differently to the way the human eye sees it, creating a new perception and adding a new perspective. 

Her Muse, though the source of her inspiration and at the center of the work, does not stand for an individual but is rather to be taken by each observer as their own symbol or canvas. 

The foliage and trees are the other player in this series, reminding us that twists and turns in this journey of growth is what makes us stronger. 

The colour choices are deliberate. Pink signifying sensitivity, compassion and understanding. Blue is the colour of trust; it induces calm, conveys tranquillity, serenity and peace. And Yellow is the colour of optimism, confidence and fresh energy. 

"Volte-Face" is about facing ones life with all its demons, joys and challenges. Stepping out into ever new chapters of life.