German born Celia Rogge has lived and worked in New York for over a decade but has also called Berlin, London, Washington and Montreux her home.

She has built a strong international reputation as a photographer over the past 10 years. Her work has been exhibited in Germany's prominent contemporary art galleries and exhibition spaces such as GALERIE FRIEDMANN-HAHN and NEUE GALERIE in Berlin, and GALERIE SCHULZONEHUNDRED in Bremen. .  

In the United States the renowned GALERIE MOURLOT in New York represents her and recently her work was shown by the MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK in Manhattan.

You can also find her work at www.SaatchiArt.com and www.at60Inches.com

"Light is the photographic medium par excellence; it is to the photographer what words are to the writer; color and paint to the painter; wood, metal, stone, or clay to the sculptor."

Andreas Feininger

Celia Rogge

Celia Rogge

Inspired originally by the notion of discovery through reflections, Celia Rogge takes a personal, inquisitive lens to everyday life. She focuses on finding beauty in the detail. She finds the hidden obvious in her work, the sublime in detail and the emotional in the unemotional.

The German Embassy in Washington DC opened a one year exhibit in March 2016: Key Elements Of Light And Structure and the Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in New York held a retrospective of her work in November 2015.

In her vibrant manifestations, of New York Reflections and London Reflections, she applies her reflections to New York and London's architecture and street photography and elevates the contours of these metropolises to another perceptive level. Before unseen ornamental structures and normal pedestrians are filtered through the transformative power of light become visible from behind the apparent and engage the viewer in new ways.

Calliope was unveiled at ArtMarketHamptons 2014 by Galerie Mourlot; the full exhibition was on view November 2014- April 2015 at the gallery’s showroom in New York City. Calliope offers a different projection of the transformative power of light. Calliope, the photographer’s muse, captured here in infrared photography, allows for a transcendence into an otherworldliness. 

Celia Rogge is an artist of international stature. Her prints can be found in collections throughout Europe and the United States. In addition to her artistic photography, her oeuvre is rounded out by portraiture, celebrity photography, fashion and major event photography.

Clients include Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, IWC International Watch Company, Ralph Lauren, Bismark Philipps Communications & Media, Alvin Valley, Indyssey Entertainment, Inca Productions, DIESEL, Temperley London among others.

She studied at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in Manhattan, Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and the London School of Economics in London.